• Do not get your lashes wet for the first 24 hours after application. This includes sweating and spray tanning.
  • When removing makeup, make sure to use an oil free cleanser. If you don’t have access to a makeup remover formulated for the extensions, micellar water is a great alternative.
  • Avoid pulling, tugging and excessively touching the lashes.
  • Cleanse your lashes daily to extend their lifetime. Use a cleanser that is safe for lash extensions. If you don’t have access to a lash cleanser, baby shampoo is a great alternative. Use your hands or a makeup brush to gently clean the lashes. Avoid using anything with fibers or cotton (makeup wipes/cotton rounds) to wipe the eye area as this can catch on the extensions causing premature fall out. Pat your lashes dry with a towel/air dry them and then use your spooly to brush them out.
  • Refrain from using waterproof mascaras. If you must apply mascara, select one that is safe for extensions and only apply it to the tips of your lashes.
  • Be conscious that products used in the vicinity of your eyes (i.e. hair products, face creams, eye creams, oil based-makeup) can prematurely break down the adhesive, causing premature shedding.
  • Touch- up or fill appointments are recommended every two to four weeks to maintain your new lash extensions.